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All Silicon Oscillators

Self Compensating Oscillator (SCOTM)

The SCO is a unique and differentiated all silicon clock oscillator that does not require an external frequency reference for frequency generation, and instead generates its frequency from an internal LC oscillator. As the name implies, the SCO is self compensated and achieves its stability without the need for analog or digital compensation. The stability is achieved with a low cost, Room Temperature Only (RTOTM) trimming routine.

The SCO can currently achieve a frequency stability of 50ppm over a temperature range of 0oC to 70oC or 100ppm from -20oC to 70oC, which is inclusive of initial accuracy and temperature, supply, and load variations. This stability is a breakthrough for all-silicon oscillator technology and allows for a viable alternative to quartz or SiMEMS based oscillators.

A typical oscillator in an electronic system uses a mechanical resonator, quartz or SiMEMS, that has to be hermetically sealed. A conditioning ASIC is packaged together with the resonator to achieve the required oscillator clock output. By generating its frequency via an internal LC oscillator, the SCO eliminates the need for a mechanical resonator and is a single silicon die. The SCO has the advantage of being lower cost versus mechanical resonator based oscillators as well as being more robust to shock and vibration as there are no moving structures.

The SCO and RTO technologies are patented, with additional patents pending. The first commercial product based on the SCO technology is the SWS3100.


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