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Quality & Reliability

SGS_ISO 9001-2008_UKAS_TCL

At SWS, we strive to deliver the best IC and MEMS based products and services to our worldwide customers by consistently meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations and requirements. SWS has received ISO 9001:2008 certification, in this regard, SWS is fully committed to maintaining and continuously improving a comprehensive and effective quality management system encompassing all of SWS activities, as well as, complying with ISO9001:2008 requirements, and any regulatory or environmental requirements at SWS.

In our quest for excellence and quality, we are committed to recruiting the best human resources and continuously developing their skills, competencies and abilities to match the highest industry international standards. SWS is also committed to setting and achieving SMART objectives within all departments, as well as subjecting those objectives to review by top management.

SWS is extremely committed to the protection of its IP rights as well as those of its customers, partners and suppliers in accordance with international standards and agreements governing protection of IP rights in all business practices.