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SWS’ Technology Enables Product of the Year in Japan

Hamamatsu’s Single-Chip Spectrometer Wins Product of the Year from Sangyo Times

CAIRO, Egypt – August 2, 2013 – Si-Ware Systems (SWS), a premier provider of IC- and MEMS-based solutions for industrial and consumer applications, has provided enabling technology that has allowed Hamamatsu Photonics of Japan to win product of the year from Sangyo Times.

Sangyo Times is a semiconductor industry periodical in Japan that gives yearly awards in the semiconductor industry, and this year marks the 19th year for the awards. There are three categories for awards – devices, equipment, and material, with the awards for each category.

There were 104 nominees for semiconductor devices, and the Hamamatsu FT-IR spectrometer won the grand prize. Selection is done by voting among Sangyo Times’ writers considering novelty, impact to the market, customer valuation, and future potential.

Hamamatsu’s FT-IR spectrometer is developed by SWS and licensed to Hamamatsu. It is the world’s first single-chip spectrometer. All of the optical components of the spectrometer are monolithically integrated on one chip using SWS’s proprietary MEMS technology.

The FT-IR spectrometer consists of a MEMS chip that measures 1 x 1 cm2 and contains all of the optical components. The electronics interface is a separate ASIC that is designed and produced by SWS’s ASIC Solutions Division.

About SWS

SWS is an independent fabless semiconductor company providing a wide spectrum of product design and development solutions, custom ASIC development and supply, as well as standard products. SWS has three divisions: ASIC Solutions – MEMS interface ASICs; Timing Products – all silicon oscillators; and Optical MEMS Technology – MOEMS products. The ASIC Solutions division provides custom ASIC development and supply specializing in MEMS interfaces. The Timing Products division has developed a breakthrough technology in its all silicon Self Compensating Oscillator (SCOTM). The Optical MEMS technology division offers it unique platform – Silicon integrated Micro Optical Systems Technology (SiMOSTTM) that allows the creation of multiple optical components on silicon. For more information, please visit


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