Dr. Florian Eigenmann

VP of Sales, EMEA

Florian has more than 20 years of experience in spectroscopy. Before joining Si-Ware, Florian was with Bruker Optics Molecular Spectroscopy division for 10 years. While in Switzerland, he built a strong sales team that accomplished market leading growth in the Swiss market. Next, he joined the Bruker North American team, serving as business development manager in near-infrared, with a focus on the agriculture, food and feed market. Florian then returned to Europe, where he was responsible for growing the ReactIR business at Mettler-Toledo AutoChem, successfully driving them to become the market leader for reaction monitoring with in-situ spectroscopy. Most recently, Florian was global head of sales at IRsweep, a young spin-off company from ETH, with a cutting edge spectrometer based on midIR QCL frequency combs. Florian is a chemical engineer and received his Ph.D. from ETH in 2005.

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