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NeoSpectra Rotator

The NeoSpectra Rotator is designed for reliable measurements on non-homogeneous  products such as forages and silages, whole grains, and pelleted feeds. The Rotator automatically moves the sample across the sensor, increasing the sample surface area that is analyzed. The final results are more reliable and repeatable as a larger sample is analyzed.

To use, the operator simply fills the sample dish and places it on the rotator stage. The rugged dish is magnetically coupled to the rotator and spins as the NeoSpecta scanner is taking measurements. The final reported result is the average of the measurements.

Designed for portability, the NeoSpectra Rotator has the top and bottom sections fitting together into one unit for transportation. To use, simply separate the sections, place the scanner in the bottom, and attach the top rotator and secure it with the quick-lock clamp. The rotator can be used in the bottom stand or freely in your hand. The Rotator can be operated plugged into any outlet or in the field with a built in rechargeable battery.

The following parts are included with the NeoSpectra Rotator:

  • 2 piece rotator body with bottom stand and upper section with rotator stage, magnetic drive and on/off switch
  • Rugged sample cup with magnetic coupler
  • Reference plate
  • Power supply for operation or charging battery

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