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Smartphone Apps Help Farmers Monitor, Manage Operations

March 2018 Software and internet applications have enabled Darren Furbeck to perform an amazing variety of functions using his smartphone. Whether he is checking the markets, watching the weather, catching up on the latest news, or researching a product, the smartphone has become the preferred device to help the Missouri farmer stay connected with everything […]

Scaling Spectroscopy

March 2018 Matthew Dale discovers how scaling spectrometers down to the chip level enables them to be mass-produced in standard MEMS foundries, making spectroscopy more affordable for various new applications. Portable, wearable and disposable could all be used when describing modern technology. It’s no surprise then to hear the same terms come up when exploring the […]

Spectroscopy for the Masses

October 2017 The past few years have seen an explosion in consumer adoption of connected and wearable devices, which has been good for photonics. In 2017, nearly 40 million consumers in the U.S. alone (roughly 30 percent of households) are expected to own personal fitness trackers like the Fitbit, several models of which have a […]

Portable Spectroscopy

March 2017 Si-Ware Systems introduced a chip-sized fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectrometer that has the potential to be integrated into consumer products. Si-Ware has said that its technology is different because it doesn’t contain any discrete optics – apart from a chip-scale photodetector – which has enabled the miniaturization and allows for high-volume wafer-level manufacturing.

Moving Towards Ubiquitous Spectral Sensing

March 2017 Material analysis tools have long been an important asset for research and production in a range of domains and markets, and have transformed our knowledge, development and quality control capabilities over time. Academic teams use material analysis for assessing composition and detection of chemicals in disciplines ranging from archaeology to medicine, food analysis, […]


February 2017 Si-Ware Systems (SWS) has introduced an integrated micro-spectrometer for broad industrial and consumer use. The NeoSpectra Micro is a small, chip-scale, near infrared spectral sensor that analyses materials quickly on site without the need to send samples to a lab, enabling dramatic time savings and accurate, actionable data in the field or on the […]

Turn Your Smartphone Into A Molecular Scanner

In 2017, an estimated 222.9 million people in the US will have smartphones, worldwide that number is expected to surpass two billion. Through apps and wearables, we’re using those smartphones to help us track our health, fitness, sleep patterns, ovulation, heart rate, water intake, etc.

Spectroscopy to iPhone, Apple Watch

Si-Ware on Tuesday revealed an iPhone-compatible spectroscopy chip, the NeoSpectra Micro, which could potentially expand the uses of both mobile devices and wearables in areas like health, science, and nutrition.