NeoSpectra spectral sensors are built to be integrated into a wide variety of application areas. Since each application requires unique sampling and analysis techniques, the NeoSpectra has been designed to make the integration into your unique environment an easy process.

Default sampling setup is offered in evaluation kits. You can choose to build your own setup, if needed. Spectral analysis algorithms can be integrated in the SDK to generate the useful information for the end-use application out of the measured spectrum.

The wide spectral ranges provided by NeoSpectra promises the ability to detect the important absorption peaks commonly sought in conventional NIR spectrometers. So, one can expect that NeoSpectra can analyze the same materials as conventional NIR spectrometers.

Certainly, there are more parameters affecting the fit of NeoSpectra in your unique application e.g. sensitivity, resolution, sampling method, spectral analysis algorithms …etc. The more you know about your applications’ requirements, the better you can judge its fit by comparing the requirements with the performance parameters.

The evaluation kits will help you to make fit validation tests.


The current generation has 3 configurations with wide NIR spectral ranges (1,250 – 1,700 nm & 1,300 – 2,100 nm & 1,350 – 2,500 nm).

Si-Ware Systems validated the ability of its technology to support operation in lower wavelength ranges (UV & Vis) as well as higher wavelength range (MIR). Developments in system optimization to operate in these range are ongoing to be incorporated in future generations of NeoSpectra.

Not at all. Capitalizing on the innovative capacitive sensing technique used to position the moving mirror, the system has an internal wavelength calibration technique that can be triggered with simple software instructions.