NeoSpectra offers unique features that enable the creation of new applications for NIR spectroscopy

Application examples

Making spectrometers as cheap as chips

NeoSpectra sensors are based on semiconductor technology which allows for the sensors to be produced in high volume and at low cost.

The best things come in small packages

Neospectra sensors are small and lightweight and can be integrated into many different environments.

Performance ahead of the pack

NeoSpectra sensors cover a wide spectral range enabling analysis of multiple components simultaneously.  They also offer adjustable resolution and scan duration, as well as advanced settings that allow performance optimization.

Responses that race against the scan

Spectral data is processed and delivered right after the scan, and computation is done on an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) chip that is specially developed to operate and control NeoSpectra sensors.

Made to move

NeoSpectra sensors enable operation in unconventional surroundings. They can be easily integrated into various products and environments and are compatible with existing NIR analysis methods and processes.

Easy integration

NeoSpectra sensors are made to be integrated in end-use devices in various applications. The hardware and software interfaces, as the well as the compatibility with conventional spectral analysis methods, make the installation of NeoSpectra sensors an easy process.