NeoSpectra Lablake

Transforming NIR spectra into solutions.

Centralize data streams from a fleet of NIR instruments, field results, and calibration models on the first hardware-agnostic NIR cloud platform, optimizing efficiencies and fostering data-driven decisions across the organization.
NeoSpectra Platform

Streamlining cross-functional collaboration and operations.

Empower your entire organization with cloud benefits tailored for every stakeholder. Our approach ensures a unified and enhanced experience across the organization.

Business managers

Empower decision-makers with advanced analytics, dashboards, and seamless data integration for swift, informed decisions.

Calibration Model Developers

Streamline model development and transfer through a centralized access to relevant data and necessary tools.

Field Operators

Enhance field operators' capabilities by analyzing trends and setting pass/fail criteria for decisive field decisions.
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Beyond Storage:
Managing the Complete Data Lifecycle for businesses

Unlock strategic insights for informed decision-making across organizations.
NeoSpectra Platform Featuers

Results Management

  • Easy accessibility and reporting via multiple views, search, and filtration options.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Advanced analytics to generate useful insights from aggregated data.

Facilitating every step of Calibration Model management

manage calibration models across teams, departments and locations Remotely. Integrate calibration data seamlessly at each stage and ensure cross-compatibility of files for all NIR Instruments in the organization.

Shielding Your Data

Ensuring Safety, Security, and API Connectivity
  • End-to-end, Data Center, and Application security
  • Powered by AWS
  • ISO/IEC 27001 :2013 certified for robust data security
  • Efficient data exchange with external information systems via API connectivity
  • Real-time sync one scan at a time
  • Adapted to organization needs and technical requirements


Who owns the data?

You own your data. NeoSpectra respects your data ownership. While our platform provides centralized access and management, your data remains your asset. We are here to assist you in maximizing its value and security.

Can NeoSpectra integrate with existing systems in my organization?

Absolutely, NeoSpectra is designed with seamless integration in mind. Our Cloud Portal provides a user-friendly interface, allowing easy integration with existing systems within your organization. This portal serves as a centralized hub for data management, enabling efficient organization and accessibility. Moreover, NeoSpectra offers Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), ensuring timely synchronization and communication with other data management platforms. This capability allows for a smooth flow of information between NeoSpectra and your existing systems, facilitating a cohesive and integrated workflow.

Can NeoSpectra support multiple business units or departments within our organization?

Yes, NeoSpectra is designed to seamlessly support multiple business units or departments within any organization. The Cloud Portal ensures efficient collaboration with an automatic sync of results across a fleet of devices, allowing real-time data access across various locations. Centralized management of calibration model deployment maintains a standardized analytical approach, promoting consistency in results. User management and privilege assignment are key features, tailoring access based on roles to enhance data security. NeoSpectra's teams management fosters collaboration within and across departments, optimizing teamwork. The Cloud Portal's structure facilitates a unified approach to analysis while accommodating diverse departmental needs. With NeoSpectra, you can expect centralized control, synchronized data, and tailored user management, ensuring an integrated and efficient analytical workflow for multiple business units or departments.

How does NeoSpectra Cloud Portal ensure data confidentiality and privacy?

NeoSpectra Cloud Portal prioritizes data confidentiality and privacy. Our security protocols, including encryption and access controls, safeguard your data.We partner with AWS and are ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified, ensuring that your data is protected at every level. Additionally, we offer API connectivity for efficient data exchange while adapting to your organization's specific needs and technical requirement.

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