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Carry the power of on-site NIR spectroscopy in your pocket. Uncover precise results and seamless connectivity for NeoSpectra devices and Cloud Portal.

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The right companion for NeoSpectra devices, with instant results, and cloud connectivity

Our Scan App is designed for on-site NIR Spectroscopy, addressing unique field challenges. With an intuitive interface and unique features, it ensures efficient field operations.

instant results Anywhere

Perform analysis even in remote areas without internet access—our Scan App ensures instant results wherever your fieldwork takes you.

Seamless Sync to Cloud

Effortlessly bridge the gap between field and Cloud Portal. The Scan App ensures automatic synchronization of results whenever internet connection is established.

Field-Optimized Records

Capture essential field data, including sample IDs, photos, and GPS locations, during your field operations. Retrieve and review historical data at any time.

Tailored experiences for a variety of materials types

The app provides personalized, in-app, step-by-step instructions that adapt to your selected calibration, ensuring a guided and intuitive process that depends on the material being tested.

meat poultry fish

oils syrup honey

milk dairy

herbs s pices

fruits vegetables

flour milling

grains cereals

confectionary bakery

coffee tea

Moving Field Insights to the Cloud

Effortlessly transfer field data to the Cloud Portal for insights. Support teams with centralized storage, collaboration, and universal data access for compliance. Advance decision making with advanced analytics, revealing insights into trends, patterns, and variations.


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