How to get NeoSpectra

The larger the quantity of NeoSpectra modules your application requires, the more cost-effective the unit becomes. It’s understandable that you wouldn’t invest in ordering multiple units before you are confident that NeoSpectra is the right solution for you. A typical ordering flow for NeoSpectra modules goes in the following steps



Requirements vs Performance

It’s recommended that you have a good understanding about the requirements of your target application. You can compare the requirements with the information provided in the datasheet. If you need more details or have further inquiries, please contact us.



Requirements vs Performance

NeoSpectra will help you in assessing the fit of NeoSpectra’s current and future generations to your application. The more information you provide, the more accurate the assessment will be.



Development kits

You can order a limited number of NeoSpectra as well as accessories to build an evaluation setup. You can have more information about development kits here.



To validate

NeoSpectra will provide the SpectroMOST GUI and necessary documentation to help you getting started. You can perform all the necessary tests that you need to validate the fit of NeoSpectra’s performance to your requirements.



Application prototype

Upon the validation of the performance fit, NeoSpectra will deliver the Software Development Kit (SDK) that shall enable you to interface with NeoSpectra directly. The SDK shall allow you in building prototypes for your end-use application system in your unique environment, and to include spectral analysis algorithms in the system.



In final product

At this stage, you would have a good proof that NeoSpectra is the right solution for your unique application, and you would have build prototypes to test your own system. You can order as many units as required by your application and get benefit of the economies of scale.