Transform your analysis process with a centralized NIR solution

Streamline management of your NIR instruments and models to help your teams across different locations make more data-driven decisions with accurate on-site analysis


A premium solution without the premium price tag

Access decentralized NIR analysis with centralized information and management

Deeper analysis across all locations

Reduce waiting times for lab results to minimize analysis costs and make informed decisions — whenever and wherever sample analysis is required — across every step in the supply chain

Transfer and deploy all your NIR models

Our user-friendly cloud portal allows you to build a network of NIR instruments (including non-NeoSpectra ones), transfer your existing NIR models to NeoSpectra (in under 8 weeks), and remotely manage updates and upgrades across all devices.

Error-free analysis with minimal training

The ergonomic and common-sense pairing of the device and mobile app create a simplified user experience that requires minimal training for your operators — including non-experts — meaning you can get instant, actionable results anywhere to make decisions faster than ever.

A comprehensive platform that facilitates every step of the journey

Deploy NIR solutions quickly and easily across all departments and locations

NeoSpectra Scanner: A portable and rugged handheld NIR spectrometer with an extended range for analyzing a wide variety of parameters

Sampling Tools: A range of hardware add-ons that enable the handling of different sample types, including solids, powders, and liquids

Scan App: A user-friendly app that provides step-by-step instructions for measurements and instant results.

Collect app: Capture spectral data from your reference samples to develop new models

Cloud portal: 24/7 access to all data, including: spectral data, results, models, devices, and users — with advanced analytics to generate custom reports and manage different aspects of your feed analysis operations

NeoSpectra has been rigorously tested — and validated — by independent experts to provide lab-level performance for analyzing moisture, protein, fat, fiber, NDF, starch and more for a wide variety of materials


Corn silage, alfalfa silage, grass silage, sorghum silage, and more

Forages, hay, and haylages

Alfalfa, alfalfa hay & haylage, grass hay, mixed hay


Corn, wheat, barley, soybeans, oats, rye, sorghum, and more

Oil seeds

Sunflower seeds, canola seeds, cotton seeds, sesame seeds, rapeseed, and more


Soybean meal, cottonseed meal, distillers dried grains (DDGs), canola meal, sunflower meal, meat and bone meal, and more

A central network for all your instruments, models, and results

  • Centralized management of model updates and upgrades: Manage your organization’s models across all NIR instruments (including non-NeoSpectra devices) to make sure that they are always up-to-date
  • Built to scale with you: The NeoSpectra platform can easily scale up or down to accommodate the evolving needs of your business
  • Instant access to all results: Data generated by your users is automatically synced and stored on the cloud portal for 24/7 centralized access
  • Integration with your IT systems: Secure web service integration for near real-time sync of all data

With Neospectra Scanner, you can bring your lab analysis to the field

  • Improve operational efficiency: Get instant results and minimize wait times for analysis
  • Increase accuracy: Analyze more samples more often to ensure your analysis accurately represents the reality of your samples
  • Simplify logistics: Reduce efforts and costs related to labeling, packing, shipping, and tracking samples
  • Avoid changes in sample composition: Eliminate guesswork on what changes could have occurred in-transit and get results on the actual, “as-is” composition in the field

Recreate your best performing models on fleet of handheld devices

  • Simplified process for model transfer: Your existing models can be transferred to NeoSpectra with only a small amount of reference samples required
  • Standardize models: Build models on a master unit and propagate them across your fleet of instruments and portable devices
  • Fast, expert-guided process: Our technical services and professional expertise help you complete the transfer process in a few simple steps

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