Bring the lab to your feed mill

Reduce turnaround time for analyzing your ingredients, mixes, and processed feed with a highly-accurate handheld scanner that delivers instant results when and where you need them


The NeoSpectra Platform enables seamless quality control of every feed load with minimum non-value-adding activities

Spend more time growing your margins and less time waiting for results

Our cost-effective solution helps you increase your sampling frequency at every stage of the production process — ensuring your product quality is consistent and that there are minimum excesses in feed formulation mixes

Frictionless and risk-free deployment and integration in your existing processes

Analyze moisture, protein, fat, fiber, NDF, starch, and more with accuracy guaranteed by your lab, and without changing your existing processes. Get started with the analysis as soon as you receive your NeoSpectra scanner with ZERO maintenance and repair fees for 2 years.

Operation-ready with minimal training required

The ergonomic and common-sense pairing of the device and mobile app create a simplified user experience that requires minimal training for your operators, meaning you can get instant, actionable results anywhere in the plant to help you make decisions faster than ever.

An intuitive, integrated, and cross-functional platform for your feed mill

NeoSpectra Scanner: Rugged handheld device that operates anywhere in your feed mill

Mobile app: Provides instant results and simple, step-by-step instructions for the measurement process

Cloud portal: 24/7 access to all data from a centralized portal, including: results, Sample ID, supplier info, shipment info, and much more

Analyze moisture, protein, fat, fiber, NDF, starch and more with a single scan at every step of our production process‍

Inbound ingredients

Corn, soybean, soybean meals, DDGs,  and other ingredients 

Feed mixes

Tailored to your feed mix ratios

Pelleted Feed

Ruminant, poultry, aqua, swine, equine feed and more 

Reduce your analysis costs by 10x — or more

  • Lower instrumentation costs: The total cost of ownership (including hardware, subscription, and maintenance) comes at a fraction of the cost of any competing NIR benchtop instrument
  • Less wasted time: Your trucks will now wait for minutes instead of hours to get results before unloading
  • More efficient: Every minute counts. Operators will spend less time labeling and packing samples, instantly creating more time for value-adding activities
  • Minimize variations: Higher precision and lower undesired excesses of important ingredients in your feed mix ratios

Learn how NeoSpectra can help your feed mill ensure compliance with FSMA regulation

  • Efficient record keeping: Unlock automated data recording and storage for efficient, error-free record keeping 
  • Supplier reports: Generate automatic reports with all historical results and data from each supplier
  • On-site testing: Streamlined monitoring of process control parameters to ensure compliance with sustainable manufacturing practices
  • Verify labeling accuracy: Ensure all product labels accurately reflect the content of each lot

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