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Si-Ware Systems introduces first palm-sized mid-infrared spectral sensing platform to replace benchtop equipment

October 12, 2020

Los Angeles, CA – Si-Ware Systems introduced the first highly compact Mid-Infrared (MIR) spectral sensing platform that offers wide wavelength coverage for accurate, cost-effective detection and quantification of chemical compounds. The NeoSpectra-MIR Platform offers off-the-shelf and custom application specific products for solid, liquid and gas detection.

The customizable platform, which can fit in the palm of your hand, enables on-site staff in a range of industries to instantly and automatically test sample materials including liquids, gases and solids for quality control and quality assurance. The equipment can be used on-site as a test station or installed directly onto a pipe or into a production line, reducing operational costs and improving efficiency and safety. The platform eliminates the time and work required to send samples out to a central lab for testing.

The silicon-based core of the platform makes it highly cost-effective, with volume pricing significantly less than benchtop equipment. NeoSpectra-MIR offers a number of benefits, including the miniature form-factor, low power consumption, robustness to shock/vibration and low maintenance, all of which contribute to the overall low cost of ownership. Additionally, the wide wavelength coverage enables measuring multiple target chemicals (such as gases), and the ability to add target chemicals as requirements change.

The company has developed a series of product demonstrators that can be used off-the-shelf, and customized models can be configured and optimized with an easy-to-use toolkit. The modular components include the optical core module, the electronics, sampling interfaces, software and connectivity tools, chemometrics, and system-level packaging.  The core technology could even be incorporated into a handheld or drone mounted devices.

“There is strong demand for cost-effective, capable spectral sensing systems across many sectors,” said Dr. Bassam Saadany, CTO/COO and founder, Si-Ware Systems. “The NeoSpectra-MIR Platform offers the size, flexibility and accuracy required for those who need complex spectral sensing on-site or on the production floor. This platform stands alone in its capabilities and can be tailored to exactly what the customer requires.”

“The new MIR platform provides an ideal solution for customers who need better performance than Near-Infrared (NIR) or a lower-cost/smaller form-factor device compared to traditional MIR sensing solutions,” said Dr. Erik Deutsch, vice president, customer solutions, Si-Ware Systems. “By offering a full solution, customers don’t have to develop their own electronics, software, systems, and chemometrics in-house – rather, we can leverage our platform to optimize a solution for them, decreasing the time and cost required to address their applications.”

At the heart of the platform is a sensor based on Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR) technology, a standard technique that offers a wide spectral range for the best qualification and quantification of materials. The sensors use patented micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) technology that enable a Michelson interferometer to be created monolithically on a MEMS chip.

The NeoSpectra-MIR platform is the latest addition to the popular NeoSpectra spectral sensing family, following on the heels of the NIR solutions the NeoSpectra-Scanner, a portable and handheld device and the NeoSpectra-Micro sensor.  Si-Ware Systems has shipped thousands of NeoSpectra product family units.

About Si-Ware Systems

Si-Ware Systems (SWS) is an independent fabless semiconductor company that fosters silicon innovation. Si-Ware’s Optical MEMS Technology business group developed the worlds’ first single-chip FT-IR spectrometer under the brand name NeoSpectra™ (, using its unique platform – Silicon integrated Micro Optical Systems Technology (SiMOST™), that allows for the creation of multiple optical components on silicon.  NeoSpectra sensing solutions are miniature and low-cost spectral sensors and scanners that can be used in a wide variety of material sensing applications. The solutions offer performance comparable to laboratory-based spectrometers, but at dramatically smaller sizes and lower cost.  For more information, please visit

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