Intuitive and straightforward custom calibration model development

Create or transfer high-performance calibration models and publish them to your organization’s cloud or the NeoSpectra LabStore


Custom calibration model development on the NeoSpectra platform is intuitive and straightforward. Data management functions on the NeoSpectra Cloud work together with a powerful desktop chemometric software package to create and deploy calibration models with 4 simple steps:

  1. Collect spectral data with Collect app.The spectra are automatically transferred to the NeoSpectra Cloud Portal
  2. Manage sample data, add reference values and export calibration sets from the Cloud Portal.
  3. Create and validate the model with the included chemometric calibration software
  4. Upload the model and deploy to your organization or publish in the NeoSpectra LabStore

Key Features

  • Develop and deploy calibration models for unique and proprietary products on your organization’s portal
  • Create custom calibrations and market them on the NeoSpectra LabStore
  • Transfer calibrations from existing benchtop NIR instruments and deploy to your NeoSpectra devices. Calibration data supported includes Bruker, FOSS, KPM Analytics (Unity Scientific), Perkin-Elmer (Perten), Buchi, ABB and Q-Interline
  • Simple export and import routines transfer data from the portal and prediction models back in
  • Includes a license to an industry-leading chemometric software suite for robust quantitative and qualitative model development
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