NeoSpectra Scanner Handheld NIR Analyzer

Accurate and Reliable Results on Most Sample Types from Anywhere


The rugged and easy-to-use handheld NeoSpectra Scanner brings lab-grade material analysis to the production line or field. Thousands of ready-to-use models from the NeoSpectra LabStore get you up and running quickly. Powered by the NeoSpectra Scan mobile application, you can be analyzing samples in three easy steps:

  1. Purchase your Scanner and download the Scan software to your mobile device
  2. Select your calibrations from the NeoSpectra LabStore (or receive from your organization)
  3. Connect to your Scanner with Bluetooth and you are ready to go!

The NeoSpectra Scanner is like a laboratory in your hand ready to bring instant insights into your process or production line.

Key Features

  • Handheld rugged design with IP65 rating for use in field and factory environments
  • Large selection of calibration models available in NeoSpectra LabStore
  • Bluetooth connection and long battery life for easy on-site operation
  • Large collection area for reliable results from non-homogeneous materials
  • Wide spectral range for accurate results for a broad range of quality parameters
feature packed


  • Feed ingredients
  • Flour milling
  • Animal feed
  • Forages
  • Oilseed processing
  • Pet food
  • Dairy Products
  • Food Ingredients
  • Textiles
  • Plastics


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