Intuitive mobile apps and a secure Cloud Portal to support rapid quality analysis anywhere

Easy to use apps and cloud portal offer easy analysis, evaluation and reporting from anywhere


The NeoSpectra Plaform uses intuitive mobile apps and a secure Cloud Portal to support rapid quality analysis anywhere. The NeoSpectra apps collect data, display results, and synchronize all information back to your private account on the NeoSpectra Cloud. The NeoSpectra Cloud Portal is your personal storage, evaluation, and reporting site for single users or across your organization.

Key Features

  • Scan, Collect, and Support apps are available for both iOS on the App Store and for Android on Google Play
  • Download apps and connect in seconds via Bluetooth
  • Scan app does not require internet for operation. Results are displayed immediately and saved to Cloud when a connection is available
  • Cloud portal provides tables and control charts for rapid evaluation and insights
  • Download results or raw spectra for further analysis
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NeoSpectra Apps and Cloud Portal

The NeoSpecta Platform is supported by the Cloud Portal, LabStore, and several software apps.

  • The Scan app is used by end-users to select a product to use and analyze samples. Data are automatically copied to the NeoSpectra Cloud and can also be sent via text or email from the mobile device.
  • The Collect app is used by model developers to collect and organize raw spectra. Sample data are automatically synchronized with the NeoSpectra cloud.
  • The Support app connects to NeoSpectra support specialist and can be used to send diagnostic data and initiate a 2-way chat session for instant support.

The NeoSpectra Cloud Portal can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection and includes a suite of tools for end-users and developers alike.

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