NeoSpectra Technology

Learn about the design behind our cutting-edge FT-NIR technology which delivers near-lab performance.

How FT-NIR works

Every material has a unique response to light. With Near InfraRed (NIR) spectroscopy, the analysis of the light interacting with a certain material can reveal crucial insights about its composition. NeoSpectra FT-NIR analyzers capture more of the NIR spectrum, to detect and measure the widest range of chemical groups or compounds.

Extending across a huge set of industries, and a vast array of use cases, NeoSpectra analyzers delivers broad sample and component coverage, analysis accuracy, sample penetration depth, instant results and holistic data analytics, as well as device mobility, ruggedness and ease-of-use.

Technical Breakthroughs in FT-NIR

Dozens of patents and published research papers represent our technical advancements in FT-NIR. We miniaturized a full-NIR-spectrum lab spectrometer onto a Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) semiconductor chip that includes the necessary optical, mechanical and electrical components. We also improved on the basic spectrometer design to add automatic self-calibration. Plus, we added a powerful computational engine that enables key features including the Fourier Transform (FT).

NeoSpectra Technology

Put instant lab-ready insights right at your fingertips with cutting-edge material analysis devices engineered to meet the complex demands of your industry.
Enable your next breakthrough with end-to-end material analysis solutions from Neospectra today.

Neospectra FT-IR solutions enable businesses to bring the lab to the field and make the concept of analyzing anywhere with high ROI a reality. Combining analyzers that have unprecedented performance and accuracy with a growing cloud-based marketplace and app store carrying various applications including feed, grain, and milk analysis. The NeoSpectra handheld solutions deliver instant material sensing to the industries that need it such as agriculture, food, life sciences, and others.

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The "Neo" way versus

Core engine
Bulky Michelson interferometer with discrete optical, mechanical, and
electrical components.
Single-chip Michelson interferometer with monolithic opto-electro-mechanical structure.
Optical alignment
Misalignment in interferometers'
components deteriorates performance.
Components are intrinsically aligned
by lithography
Measuring the position of
the moving mirror
Additional interferometer with He-Ne
Laser for position sensing
On-chip electrical sensing of
capacitance between the motor driver
and fixed structure



With a rugged, ergonomic design and wide spectral range, this easy-to-use...

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Bring lab-quality insights into the field with the NeoSpectra Solo...

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Access everything you need to start your unique application development...

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Innovative, Industry-Leading Hardware

Since inception, Si-Ware has provided development teams with access to NeoSpectra devices based on advanced spectral sensing chip technology and other industry-leading material analysis tools.

State-of-the-Art Software Solutions

Our line of cutting-edge spectrometers, scanners, and NIR analyzers is equipped with software that provides step-by-step guidance, from ideation to having a material analysis solution in the field.

Chemometric Calibration Models

Looking for an extensive
chemometrics calibration models marketplace? You’ve come to the right place. Unlock direct access to the chemometric data you need to move forward with Si-Ware

Speedy, On-Demand Results

With our line of portable material identification tools, the accurate, reliable results you need are right at your fingertips on-demand, enabling you to instantly make key decisions with confidence.

Industry-Specific Lab-Grade Insights

We understand the complex needs of your industry and have gone above and beyond to create end-to-end solutions tailored to the agriculture, dairy, and food and beverage spaces.

End-to-End Tech Deployment

Si-Ware is best known for chip development, but that’s just scratching the surface. Discover what our innovative line of material analysis solutions can do for you today to enable your application from lab to field.

Lab-grade analysis, when (and where) you need it.

At Si-Ware Systems, we bring the lab to you, with expertly crafted end-to-end material analysis solutions suitable for many key industries including the agricultural, dairy, and food and beverage sectors. Accurate analysis is no longer confined to the lab – NeoSpectra solutions put cost-effective access to instant, on-demand results right at your fingertips.

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Material identification just got smarter.

With over 15 years of experience designing and developing cutting-edge chip technology, we have excelled in our hardware development and now offer comprehensive, all-in-one technology.
Si-Ware's NeoSpectra technology is the result of eight years of development and 50+ patents and patent. It combines proprietary FT-NIR, MEMS and AI technology, creating the world’s first "spectrometer on a chip" with self-aligned optics, and an integrated optical head and light source.
We don’t just design cutting-edge chips, though – we create game-changing end-to-end material analysis solutions with high-quality sensors, cloud-based software applications, and an unprecedented combination of speed and accuracy.

Unlock new possibilities with FT-IR functionality on a chip scale.

You might not be able to physically move your lab into the field…but you can easily generate instant, lab-grade insights with NeoSpectra. From milk analysis with the Solo to food, feed, and soil insights from the Scanner, the tools you need are just a few clicks away.

Ready to take your material analysis
to new heights?

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