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Our innovative analyzers and unique software go hand-in-hand to enable lab-grade material analysis and prediction model building.

NeoSpectra analyzers

NeoSpectra analyzers simplify sample analysis so that, for the end user, it is as easy as downloading the NeoSpectra Scan software, choosing a sample type and parameters to measure, and then scanning the sample. With a wide range of use cases and sample types, you can analyze anywhere and get your results in minutes. All our analyzers cover a wide spectral range in the Near Infrared Range (1,250 – 2,500 nm), enabling accurate qualification and quantification of a range of materials.

NeoSpectra Scanner

The portable, rugged, easy-to-use handheld NeoSpectra Scanner enables accurate lab-grade material analysis in or outside the lab. The small, light analyzer quickly measures homogeneous and non-homogeneous samples anywhere.

  • Handheld IP65 rugged ergonomic design for in-field use
  • Large collection surface (10mm spot) to better analyze non-homogeneous samples such as grains and soils
  • Built-in screen to monitor device status and measurement progress
  • Bluetooth interface to connect, via your mobile or PC, to NeoSpectra Cloud Platform
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NeoSpectra Puck

The plug and play, compact and portable NeoSpectra Puck enables model developers and researchers to test applications and collect spectra to build new prediction models. With its unique features of size, cost, and scalability, it enables new usage models for different application areas.

  • Bluetooth and USB interfaces to connect,  through your Mobile and PC to NeoSpectra Cloud Platform
  • The 3 mm spot size is ideal for homogeneous sample types, including opaque liquids, powders, and solids
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NeoSpectra software

All of our NeoSpectra analyzers connect to our applications for use anytime and anywhere, even without an internet connection. Upon connection, data auto-syncs with a secure, purpose-built cloud platform. You buy your NeoSpectra device, subscribe to a prediction model on the LabStore, and load the models on the Scan app to perform your analysis.

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