In Situ Screening of Soybean Quality with a Novel Handheld Near Infrared Sensor

In this research NeoSpectra Spectrometer was used to provide real time screening of several soybean traits for breeders and farmers, namely protein and fat quality.

It was demonstrated that NeoSpectra Spectrometer can supplant expensive laboratory testing that can take weeks to deliver results and provide soybean breeders and growers with a rapid, accurate, and non-destructive tool that can be used in the field for real time analysis of soybeans to facilitate faster decision making.

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Aykas, Didem Peren, Christopher Ball, Amanda Sia, Kuanrong Zhu, Mei-Ling Shotts, Anna Schmenk, and Luis Rodriguez-Saona. 2020. "In-Situ Screening of Soybean Quality with a Novel Handheld Near-Infrared Sensor" Sensors 20, no. 21: 6283.

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