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Feed millers can maximize use of high-value raw materials with NIR-based tool

New portable analyzer produces rapid, near-lab grade results in seconds to maximize feed production and reduce input costs. And, low initial investment and cost of ownership...

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Instant dairy feed analysis for an efficient farm

Staying viable depends on running efficiently. Accurately detecting and trending a full range of feed nutrients in-field enables quick adjustments. Dairy Global covers smart far...

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Low-cost portable near infrared sensors for analysis of Australian soils...

Because soil quality varies considerably and can be influenced by agricultural management, we need to regularly monitor soil condition including chemical, biological and physica...

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Low‐cost portable NIR spectrometer for predicting soil organic and carbon...

Research on low micro-elecltromechanical system-based, near infrared spectrometers for soil organic carbon (OC) and total carbon (TC) estimation from Wiley Online Library.

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Soil spectral library for precision fertilization in Indonesia

Learn how low-cost MEMS spectrometers can be successfully used to predict forest humus total C and N content.

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Food chain approach for authenticity screening: Development, validation, and...

This study assesses the application of a handheld NeoSpectra Micro, near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS), for the determination of oregano authenticity.

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Consumer choice in Brazil: Recognizing customized foods characteristics

This study explains attributes that should be in a technological device that recognizes food characteristics.

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Si-Ware & Dairyland Laboratories partnership leads to feed analysis solution...

Hear CEOs of Dairyland Laboratories and Si-Ware discuss how our partnership led to in-field dairy feed analysis that extends analysis beyond the lab.

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Increasing feed efficiency is a method to increase farm profitability

Quickly measure feed samples for moisture, protein, fiber, starch, & fat to maximize your feed mix and reduce waste to increase feed efficiency.

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How NIR Spectroscopy technology can combat deadly food-fraud crisis...

A complex supply chain and food insecurity due to COVID-19, has made food fraud a critical issue. NeoSpectra sensors and scanners can detect food contamination throughout the food

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Health analysis & virus detection: Can spectral sensing provide missing data...

To improve healthcare response and access- we can now test blood or fluid samples from anywhere, upload the results via smartphone, and download findings or look at trends over tim

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Dairy Dialog podcast: Trends and updates

At minute, 24:55, Dairyland Laboratories CEO explains the value of in-field testing for their customers in this joint interview with Si-Ware’s Mostafa Medhat.

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As food demand doubles, NIR Spectroscopy helps farms improve productivity

Smart-farm technologies deliver real-time data that can be used to optimize farming practices, which paves the way for unprecedented farm productivity.

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