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As food demand doubles, NIR Spectroscopy helps farms improve productivity

Smart-farm technologies deliver real-time data that can be used to optimize farming practices, which paves the way for unprecedented farm productivity.

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Soil spectral library for precision fertilization in Indonesia

Learn how low-cost MEMS spectrometers can be successfully used to predict forest humus total C and N content.

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Low‐cost portable NIR spectrometer for predicting soil organic and carbon...

Research on low micro-elecltromechanical system-based, near infrared spectrometers for soil organic carbon (OC) and total carbon (TC) estimation from Wiley Online Library.

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Low-cost portable near infrared sensors for analysis of Australian soils...

Because soil quality varies considerably and can be influenced by agricultural management, we need to regularly monitor soil condition including chemical, biological and physica...

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