On-farm milk analysis

Rapid analysis of milk composition for herd management

Rapid on-site evaluation of milk composition identifies production issues and enables data-driven solutions:

Tag sample data per cow for individual trending

Identify individual cows with milk composition issues

Trend protein and fat content over time to monitor herd health and feed quality

Export data into herd management system for comprehensive production oversight

Monitor milk samples in-process to verify composition

valuable benefits

Application Overview

Milk composition can inform about the cow’s nutritional, metabolic, and health status. Frequent monitoring of milk quality is a valuable tool to maintain herd health. Frequent analysis of the produced milk can be considered a very effective way to monitor the performance, efficiency, and welfare of individual dairy cows.

NeoSpectra scanners can be used to detect nutritional imbalances through NIR analysis of milk on-farm. Processors benefit from on-site analysis of milk, cream and whey samples. Our calibrations are designed for purposes of composition measurement and quality control to measure parameters such as fat, protein, lactose and moisture.

NeoSpectra Solutions

The NeoSpectra Scanner is a portable NIR analyzer suitable for analyzing fresh milk samples in the milking barn. The milk analysis requires only 50 ml of sample and results are returned in seconds. The sample data can be tagged to individual cows for detailed monitoring and identification of health or production issues.

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