Dairy Powder Production

Monitor moisture, protein and fat content of dairy powers on-site in seconds

Maximize dairy powder yield and quality while reducing drying costs

Analyze in-process samples after the evaporator to monitor water removal

Measure moisture after the spray dryer to optimize drying and reduce energy input

Analyze final product for protein and fat to meet specifications

Measure moisture in final products to increase yield and reduce risk of spoilage and recalls

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Application Overview

Dairy powders are used in a wide range of consumer products including baby formula, confectionery, baking, and nutritional supplements.  Processing perishable liquid whey or raw milk into shelf-stable powders is an energy-intensive, multi-step process with many possible end-products. Each product calls for very specific levels of fat, carbohydrates (mostly in the form of lactose), and protein (casein and whey proteins), and most are sold based on tightly-regulated quality parameters.

NeoSpectra analyzers offer rapid analysis of dairy powders with no sample preparation required. The ability to test for moisture, fat, carbohydrates, and protein quickly and frequently provides the insight needed to optimize the process, save drying and energy costs, ensure product consistency and maximize yield.

NeoSpectra Solutions

The NeoSpectra Scanner is optimized to work in the dairy plant, providing rapid, lab-accurate dairy powder analysis. The device can be placed directly on the powder product for direct measurement with no sample preparation.

Customers can easily search our NeoSpectra LabStore for access to world-class NIR calibrations from industry-leading developers. Calibrations are available for milk powders, MPC and WPC products.

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