Feed Analysis

Discover how NeoSpectra portable analyzers put the power of rapid results into the hands of stakeholders in the agricultural industry.  

Instant On-Farm Feed Analysis

Raw materials and silages can be measured for nutrient content using NeoSpectra analyzers. In-field analysis allows farmers and nutritionists to make real-time decisions on feed adjustments to maximize livestock performance and reduce overall feed costs.


Measure different parameters including dry matter, protein, fiber, starch, & fat, in a wide range of feed types including corn/grass silage, hay, soybean meal, grains, and more. Near lab performance with measurement of all of parameters simultaneously.


Accept/Reject loads of input ingredients or processed feed rapidly. Get instant insights and make quicker decisions instead of waiting for days to get lab results.


Build on-farm, robust formulation adjustments. Analyze your feed mixes as frequently as you want. For the first time, you’ll be able to monitor trends in your feeding patterns to increase productivity.


Analyze feed instantly as fed. You don’t need to dry or grind your samples. NeoSpectra hardware and analysis models are built to allow you to analyze your samples without laborious, time-consuming sample preparation.

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