How does the performance of NeoSpectra compare to benchtop instruments?

Beyond its commendable usability and mobility features, NeoSpectra stands out in terms of performance. Despite potential differences in technical specifications when compared to benchtop instruments, NeoSpectra has consistently proven its ability to accurately analyze materials and parameters. This validation is echoed by satisfied customers, collaborative partners, and independent consultants. Researchers have further solidified NeoSpectra's performance through publications in various peer-reviewed journals. The combination of usability, mobility, and top-notch performance positions NeoSpectra as a reliable and effective solution for diverse analytical needs. If you need more information about NeoSpectra's performance in specific applications, feel free to contact us and our team will be happy to provide more information.

Who owns the data?

You own your data. NeoSpectra respects your data ownership. While our platform provides centralized access and management, your data remains your asset. We are here to assist you in maximizing its value and security.

Is it possible to use the calibration models that are already on my current NIR benchtops with NeoSpectra?

Certainly! To ensure seamless integration, it's important that the spectral range of your current NIR benchtops overlaps with NeoSpectra's [1,350 - 2,500 nm]. Our experienced team has a proven track record in establishing a validated process for transferring models, ensuring optimal performance without compromise. We are committed to assisting you in this process to make the transition as smooth and efficient as possible.

What kind of sample preparation is required for NeoSpectra analysis?

One of the key advantages of NeoSpectra analysis lies in its ability to conduct analyses with minimal to no sample preparation, leveraging the inherent benefits of NIR technology. This feature streamlines the analytical process, saving time and resources. In instances where sample preparation is necessary (e.g. grinding or heating), our user-friendly app provides clear and straightforward instructions. This ensures that users are guided through the preparation steps, promoting accuracy and consistency in results. To further enhance versatility, the NeoSpectra Scanner can be complemented with a range of sampling accessories. These accessories cater to various sample types, accommodating diverse analytical needs and expanding the scanner's applicability across different industries and scenarios.

How can labs generate new revenue streams with NeoSpectra's technology?

Adopting NeoSpectra is more than acquiring a lab instrument; it's a gateway to diverse opportunities for laboratories. For instance, the LabStore platform enables labs to transform their existing calibrations calibrations into a revenue stream, offering a unique avenue for monetization. NeoSpectra's capabilities extend beyond the lab bench, allowing for the expansion of service offerings through on-site solutions to existing customers. Moreover, the technology breaks geographical barriers, enabling labs to reach untapped markets and stimulate growth.

How does NeoSpectra Cloud Portal ensure data confidentiality and privacy?

NeoSpectra Cloud Portal prioritizes data confidentiality and privacy. Our security protocols, including encryption and access controls, safeguard your data.We partner with AWS and are ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified, ensuring that your data is protected at every level. Additionally, we offer API connectivity for efficient data exchange while adapting to your organization's specific needs and technical requirement.

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