Flour Milling Inspection

Monitor every step of the milling process in seconds on the mill floor

Instant insight into every step of the milling process

Measure moisture and protein of incoming wheat

Measure moisture of grain for tempering

Monitor in-process milling streams to adjust milling conditions

Monitor final flours and blends

Test incoming flours for bakers to insure proper grade and quality

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Application Overview

Flour milling is a complex process of separating the endosperm of a wheat kernel from the bran, and germ. Modern flour mills are large multi-step processes with multiple milling stages to break and reduce the wheat particles and sieves and sifters to separate the various components. The finished flour is a high-value product, and milling conditions are monitored and adjusted to maximize flour yield at a specified quality or grade.

From monitoring the protein and moisture of the incoming grain, through the milling process and finished flour and co-products, frequent quality inspection of critical parameters will provide the insight needed to improve the yield and ensure the quality of the final products.

Flour mills can utilize the NeoSpectra instrument to test and monitor the protein and moisture of incoming grain through to the milling process of finished flour and co-products. NeoSpectra provides you with easy access to on-site quality NIR analysis of critical parameters to provide you with the insight needed to improve the yield and ensure the quality of the final products.

NeoSpectra Solutions

The NeoSpectra Scanner is a purpose-built portable device ready for the flour mill floor. With calibrations available for whole wheat kernels, finished flours, and by-products, the NeoSpectra Scanner delivers results in seconds for instant insight into milling conditions and incoming flour for bakers. Properties measured include moisture, protein, and ash as well as rheological and physical properties such as starch damage. Customers can easily search our NeoSpectra LabStore for access to world-class calibrations from industry-leading developers. Calibrations are available for whole wheat kernels, flour, whole wheat flour, bran, and co-products such as wheat mids and red dog.

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