Forage quality analysis

Analyze fresh forage and grain crops to maximize feed efficiency

Balance rations precisely with frequent and reliable quality testing:

Measure moisture to determine dry matter fed

Sample each layer of the bunker or agbag to reveal and adjust for sample changes

Measure at the TMR wagon to ensure consistency for each batch

Adjust supplements and mixes to proper nutritional profile

valuable benefits

Application Overview

Forages make up a significant portion of the diet for ruminants, especially dairy and beef cattle, but it is a highly variable feed source which adds uncertainty to ration management. The ability to test for nutrients quickly and frequently is beneficial to improving animal nutrition and production.

In-field analysis of fresh forage and grain crops using NeoSpectra Scanners allows farmers and nutritionists to make real-time feed adjustments to maximize livestock performance and reduce overall feed costs.

NeoSpectra Solutions

The NeoSpectra scanner is a rugged, portable NIR analyzer ready to analyze fresh and ensiled forages on the farm. Chopped and coarsely ground materials can easily be analyzed with the NeoSpectra Scanner and Rotator.

NeoSpectra customers can select from hundreds of ready-to-use fresh, ensiled, and dried forage calibrations from the NeoSpectra LabStore.

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