Polymer and Resin Production

Instantly measure critical parameters for polymer production and recycling

Analyze polymer batches for parameters such as copolymer level and melt flow index during production to ensure quality and reduce claims

Monitor polymer batches for additives and density to ensure proper compounding

Test incoming polymer batches for properties such as melt flow rate (MFR) to ensure suitability for extruded or molded products against specification

Identify PET (type 1) and HDPE (type2) plastics in recycling applications to reduce processing problems and increase quality

Reduce complex and time-consuming physical and chemical testing prior to batch release or production

Improve production efficiency by reducing waste and lowering raw material costs

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Application Overview

Plastics are ubiquitous in modern life, with thousands of uses from packaging and storage to functional and structural goods. As product designers and engineers expand the boundaries for these new products, the functional requirements of the polymers become more stringent. Small differences in the base polymer quality can have a significant effect on the final product.

NIR is used in the plastics and polymer industries for rapid, non-destructive analysis of polymer feedstock and final products. Parameters measured in polymers include OH Number, acid number, monomer content, amine value, density, viscosity, molecular weight, melting point and more.

Increasingly, NIR instruments are used in recycling applications to verify plastic types according to resin codes. This keeps the recycled plastic streams uniform and consistent allowing for the efficient and profitable re-use of plastic waste.

NeoSpectra Solutions

The NeoSpectra Scanner is a complete solution for polymer manufacturing, processing and recycling applications. With its portable handheld design and point and scan operation, the Scanner is ready to operate anywhere in the factory for instant insights into the production process.

For research and development scientists, the NeoSpectra Puck is a versatile and affordable platform to investigate applications and develop robust prediction models. NeoSpectra Developer tools provide leading chemometric algorithms and validation routines for efficient and robust prediction model creation.

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