Instant insights into poultry feed quality

Accurate on-site analysis of poultry feeds and ingredients

Monitor feed and feed ingredients from feed mill to farm:

Reject raw materials below specification or provide data for claims

Provide reliable input into least-cost formulation systems

Ensure proper batch formulation reducing waste and re-work

Ship feed at proper moisture to reduce raw material costs and risk of spoilage

Ensure feed delivered meets nutritional specifications for maximum animal performance

valuable benefits

Application Overview

Poultry producers rely on a tightly controlled nutritional diet to realize the most weight gain or egg production possible. Profitable poultry production requires consistent and optimal feed composition at each life stage. Chicks, broilers and layers have specific nutritional requirements and feed not meeting these standards will limit bird performance for chickens, turkey and other avian farms.

From incoming raw ingredients and processing in the feed mill, to feed delivered at the farm, frequent and reliable testing for composition and nutritional quality helps guarantee profitable production for both the feed mill and poultry producer.

NeoSpectra Solutions

The NeoSpectra scanner is a rugged, portable NIR analyzer of feed ingredients and compound feed on the farm or factory floor. Non-homogeneous and granular samples like feed pellets can be analyzed directly with no grinding required.

NeoSpectra customers can select from hundreds of ready-to-use feed and feed ingredient calibrations in the NeoSpectra LabStore and be ready to measure materials in minutes. Compound feed calibrations are available for chicken, turkey, duck, and wild game poultry feeds.

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