Manage ingredient quality from inconsistent and diverse supply chains

Field to loading dock analysis of ingredient quality

Manage the quality in your supply chain!

Ultra low-cost analyzers are within the budget of any supplier or processor.

Portable, easy-to-use analyzers and mobile apps are perfect for remote supplier locations.

All data is collected into a common cloud portal for complete visibility.

The NeoSpectra Platform ensures the same calibration models are used for directly comparable results.

Trend charts, graphical displays and early notification options provide insight and alerts to important data.

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Application Overview

The food and feed industry is under immense pressure to streamline its supply chain management in the face of various obstacles, such as severe weather conditions and hikes in commodity prices.

One of the most daunting tasks is guaranteeing that all the ingredients used in manufacturing meet quality specifications. Given that many food manufacturers source globally, it becomes tricky to monitor the origins of these items and if they meet contract specifications.

Below specification raw ingredients can trigger claims and reviews, reduce final product quality, require formulation adjustments, or even stop production.

From Field to Factory

To meet this challenge, many processors and manufacturers are looking to new technologies to manage the quality of raw materials from the field to the factory door, thus minimizing the disruption caused by below specification ingredients.

One such solution is to push quality testing up the supply chain, providing complete visibility to the incoming ingredients before they reach the production plant. A connected quality testing system can provide reliable results from the field to the receiving dock and provides operations and plant managers with a chain of quality results for incoming materials.

Increased monitoring of the supply chain provides a common set of quality data from supplier to customer. For plant and operations managers, this will

  • reduce out of specification ingredients
  • minimize claims and disputes
  • reduce production disruptions and re-formulation
  • increase final product consistency
  • lower material costs

NeoSpectra Solutions

The NeoSpectra Platform is uniquely suited for verifying supply chain quality.

The portable NeoSpectra Scanner is affordable and easily adopted by suppliers in remote locations. Intuitive operation and mobile apps minimize training requirements and use the same calibrations across the supply chain network, ensuring directly comparable results for meaningful comparisons.

For purchasing and plant managers, the NeoSpectra cloud portal automatically collects the results into a central location and uses trend charts, graphical displays and reports to develop meaningful insights into supplier quality, suspect loads or potential claims.

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