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Cultivating Success: PACTECH & NeoSpectra's Innovation in Medical Cannabis

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Client Overview:

Company Name: PacTech
Industry: Agricultural Technology
Location: California, USA


PacTech, an AI-driven company specializing in agricultural solutions, partnered with NeoSpectra to empower cannabis cultivation. With the integration of PacTech’s patented cloud lab and vision system with NeoSpectra's handheld NIR scanner, this collaboration aims to address major challenges in cannabis testing and analysis.


Cannabis cultivators face several issues:
  • Inconsistent test methods across laboratories
  • High costs of analysis
  • Long turnaround times for test results


PacTech’s cloud lab calibrations, developed using reference data from 2RL (a leading cannabis testing lab in California),ensure reliable and accurate results with the NeoSpectra scanner. The combination of PacTech Vision and NeoSpectra enables real-time data collection and analysis, providing a comprehensive solution for cannabis cultivators.


PacTech integrated its patented cloud lab calibrations with NeoSpectra's handheld NIR scanner, enabling precise and accurate readings through AI and machine learning. Additionally, the PacTech Vision system, an autonomous camera, collects field data that complements the insights from NeoSpectra.


  1. Increased Efficiency: Growers can now collect data and make decisions immediately, reducing the need for lab-based analysis and long waiting periods.
  2. Enhanced Response Time: The system allows for quicker response to plant health issues, improving both plant population and labor efficiency.
  3. Improved Decision-Making: The integration provides quantifiable data, making decision-making easier and more accurate.
Client Testimonial:
" I'm seeing calibration statistics that I've never witnessed before, and I've been in agricultural testing for almost 20 years. The innovation is unprecedented, allowing clients of NeoSpectra and PacTech to make field-level decisions to influence their crops and produce a more consistent and higher quality product."


The partnership between PacTech and NeoSpectra is set to advance the cannabis industry by providing tools that enable immediate, accurate, and cost-effective analysis. This collaboration empowers growers with the technology to cultivate success, one plant at a time.

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