NeoSpectra Puck Guides

Find the information you need to set up and maintain your device.

Getting Started

Welcome to the World of NeoSpectra!

Our QuickStart page will familiarize you with the device and guide you through your first scan.  

Application download

On your mobile iOS device (iPhone or iPad), download the NeoSpectra Scan application by scanning the QR code below.

Tip: To scan the QR code, open the camera on your device and point it at the box to the left.


Prior to shipment of your Puck, you should have received a welcome e-mail from support@si-ware.com asking you to confirm your account and select a password. To login to the Scan application, type in your username and password. You will only have to enter this information one time as long as the application remains installed on your mobile device.

Please Note

Resources for the NeoSpectra Puck are still in development. However, many of the features and operating procedures of the Puck are similar to the NeoSpectra Scanner. Therefore, we suggest viewing the Scanner QuickStart Guide for videos and FAQs that may be helpful.    

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