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NeoSpectra Scanner Guides

Find the information you need to set up and maintain your device.

Getting Started

Welcome to the World of NeoSpectra!

This QuickStart Guide will familiarize you with the device and accessories as well as guide you through your first use of the device. The easiest way to get started is to watch our series of tutorial videos:

What's inside

Scanner interfaces

Your first scan

Managing your scanner

We’ve also addressed some common questions and provided a link to the complete manual for your Scanner. If you still have questions, you can always contact us via our website.

Application download

On your mobile iOS device (iPhone or iPad), download the NeoSpectra Scan application by scanningthe QR code below.Tip: To scan the QR code, open the camera on your device and point it at the box to the left.


Prior to shipment of your Scanner, you should have received a welcome e-mail from asking you to confirm your account and select a password. To login to the Scan application, type in your username and password. You will only have to enter this information one time as long as the application remains installed on your mobile device.

What's inside

Your NeoSpectra Scanner case contains the following:

Handheld Mass Spectrometer

What's in the case?

Getting to know your scanner

The main parts of your device are shown.

Note: Scanner Sample Holder will not be used for most general purpose measurements and should remain attached to Scanner cover at all times, including when performing calibration measurements.

Handheld Mass Spectrometer

Scanner Interfaces

Your first scan

Scanner and scan software

Data Portal

Once there are scanning results available on your account, you can access the data at Visualize your results and track trends through easy dashboards and charts. Plus, export your results for reporting and integration with other quality management tools.

Managing your scanner

Scanner charging and care

Scanner Manual

Frequently asked questions and support


Can I continue to Scan while my Scanner is being charged?

Yes, your Scanner will continue to function while it is plugged in and charging the batteries.

Can I charge my scanner with any USB-C Charger?

We recommend charging only with the charger supplied with your device to ensure appropriate voltage is supplied to the Scanner.

Connectivity and data storage

Do I need to be online to get results?

No. You can take measurements and get results while offline. You do need an internet connection to download models, perform periodic updates, and sync your measurement results to the cloud portal. Any results from scans performed offline will automatically sync to the Data Portal the next time your mobile device connects to the Internet.

Where is my data stored?

Your data is stored on your mobile device and synced to your Data Portal in real-time when connected to the internet.

How do I access my Data Portal?

Your Data Portal can be accessed at any time at

What if my scanner won't connect to Bluetooth?

Ensure that your Scanner is near your mobile device and briefly hit the power button to reinitiate Bluetooth connection.


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