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NeoSpectra Technology

A true end-to-end analytical system is made from various components that work seamlessly and effortlessly together to provide an intuitive user experience to the operator. Portable or on-site systems have an even higher requirement for ease of use as often these solutions are used by personnel with little scientific training and in remote environments.

Si-Ware has developed the world's most comprehensive, end-to-end integrated solution by combining FT-NIR Spectroscopy, our proprietary Optical MEMS based analyzers, and cloud-based software solutions for analyzing, evaluating and reporting anytime and anywhere.

FT-NIR meets MEMS on the Cloud

▪NeoSpectra is the result of the merge of unique and distinctive features from three different worlds into one platform.

Si-Ware core FT NIR MEMS Technlogy diagram. Michelson interferometerNIR Spectroscopy Technology
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Compare the "Neo" way versus conventional


Single-chip Michelson interferometer with monolithic opto-electro-mechanical structure.

Components are intrinsically aligned by lithography.

On-chip electrical sensing of capacitance between the motor driver and fixed structure.

Core Engine

Bulky Michelson interferometer with discrete optical, mechanical, and electrical components.

Optical Alignment

Misalignment in interferometers' components deteriorates performance.

Measuring the Position of the Moving Mirror

Additional interferometer with He-Ne Laser for position sensing.

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