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The NeoSpectra Platform is the unique combination of three leading technologies: FT-NIR, MEMS optical engine on a chip, and the NeoSpectra Cloud for seamless operation and access from anywhere anytime.
Together, these technologies provide unparalleled performance and ease-of-use end-users. Quality managers and calibration developers get powerful tools to manage their QA/QC and NIR calibration programs. All at an affordable price.

NeoSpectra Platform diagram

The NeoSpectra Advantage

FT-NIR is a proven analytical technique trusted by thousands of users every day to provide accurate and reliable data in industries ranging from agriculture and food production to pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing. NIR spectroscopy has been validated and has long been in used as a standard material analysis technique, and a decision-making tool since 1960s.

Si-Ware's proprietary Optical MEMS NIR interferometer on a chip brings unparalleled performance and reliability to NIR spectroscopy in a small and affordable form factor. This technology miniaturizes the optical bench into a single-chip optical system and makes reliable, on-site measurements in portable devices a reality.

The NeoSpectra Cloud is available anytime from anywhere and supports both developers and end-users with developer tools for creating prediction models, Cloud Portal for data management and analysis, and the NeoSpectra LabStore for marketing, deploying and subscribing to prediction models.

The NeoSpectra platform is a seamless suite consisting of our NeoSpectra Cloud and portable, on-site FT-NIR analyzers. End-users are able to purchase a device, subscribe to a prediction model, and realize accurate on-site analysis anywhere in seconds.

NeoSpectra Cloud

NeoSpectra offers the world’s most comprehensive, end-to-end integrated solution for spectroscopy on the Cloud. This enables for the first time the concept of “Spectroscopy as a Service”.

The NeoSpectra Cloud includes all of the tools developers need to create prediction models and deploy them to their enterprise or market them on the NeoSpectra LabStore. Intuitive apps for mobile, kiosk or PCs make it effortless for end-users to use the prediction models for material analysis.

NeoSpectra Cloud Diagram for developers and end-users

NeoSpectra Cloud Advantages

Benefits for End-Users

Access to world’s largest store of analysis models
Trusted developers publish new models every day on the world’s largest marketplace for NIR analysis models. You can select whichever best fits your needs.

Models are automatically updated
Models are constantly updated to take into considerations new variations in samples. With minimum effort from your side, you can rest assured that the accuracy of your results improves with time.

Central storage for all data in your organization
Whether you are using one or a fleet of NeoSpectra devices, data generated by all devices in your organization are automatically aggregated under one roof.

Analyze trends  to see the full picture
Having different measurements taken at different times and locations adds new depths to the insights you can have about your samples to ultimately make better business decisions.

Benefits for Developers

Everything you need to develop and deploy models
Comprehensive solutions to create, aggregate, store spectral and reference data, along with tools to develop, test, validate, and release your models.

Auto-sync with mobile app
All of your data are automatically aggregated from all your users. No need to worry about editing, transferring, and loading your data. It’s all there all, auto-updated the time.

Monetize your models
Your models can pay you dividends when published on the world’s largest marketplace for NIR calibration models.

Access your data anytime and anywhere
Secure web-based Cloud portal give you access to all your data. All you need is your username and password.

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