Smart Farming

Spectral sensors are enabling in-field and on machine analysis for smart farming.


Soil Analysis

NeoSpectra sensors can measure the nutrient and pH levels of soil to help improve crop yields and maximize the efficiency of fertilizer and water management.  In-field, real-time analysis allows farmers to make informed decisions throughout the growing process and dramatically reduces costs of sending soil samples to a lab.

AgroCares Nutrient Scanner

Soil Analysis

Carbon in Soil


Feed Analysis

Raw materials and silages can be measured for nutrient content using NeoSpectra sensors.  In-field analysis of feed allows farmers to make real-time decisions on feed adjustments to maximize livestock performance, and reduce overall feed costs.

Trouw Nutrition NutriOpt On-site Advisor


Crop Analysis

NeoSpectra sensors can be used to monitor fruits and vegetables, as well as the plants themselves, during growing to make decisions on watering and fertilizing and to determine the optimal time for harvest.


Milk Analysis

Milk quality, including the presence of adulterants and fillers, can be measured with NeoSpectra sensors. Understanding milk quality provides information to buyers and sellers in the industry, as well as to dairy farmers who want to ensure the health of their animals.

Raw Milk Analysis


Grain and Seed Analysis

NeoSpectra sensors can measure the nutrients of grain to maximize yields while harvesting and to determine the grain value.  NeoSpectra sensors can be used on combine harvesters or in handheld scanners.