Smart Healthcare

Spectral sensors are bringing real-time analysis of health from the labs to everyday life.


Urine Analysis

Trending of health data through urine can be done with NeoSpectra sensors.  This offers major advancements in health data and care.

Medic Lav Urine Analysis

Urine Glucose Analysis


Blood Analysis

NeoSpectra sensors can bring the lab to the home or medical facility with in home blood analyzers that can be utilized on a regular basis, versus one time lab tests.


Noninvasive Biochemistry

Noninvasive alcohol, glucose, and other biochemistries are achievable with NeoSpectra sensors.  This brings a next level of monitoring to medical devices and wearables.


Hair Analysis

NeoSpectra sensors are being used to analyze hair for hair health, allowing for personalized hair care recommendations in salons.

The Salon of the Future