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For Leaders Across The Dairy Ecosystem

I am a milk recording organization

For Milk Recording Organizations, NeoSpectra Portable allows for instant and accurate results that allow the field staff to provide advice during the farm visit, avoiding unnecessary risks while waiting for the results, removing the need for a second visit, and making the visits more productive and effective.

I am a large dairy processor

One device per hauler is recommended, or per 6 dairy farms in average. This guarantees that every raw milk delivery is checked before it is loaded into the truck tank, thus ensuring safety, quality and conformity of the supplies. The instant availability of data also enables decisions about price, quality, and usage of the supplies. Additionally, it increases the transparency with and fair treatment of the suppliers. These tests remove the need for lab tests to be performed for composition, Somatic Cell Count, and adulteration, resulting in faster decisions, transportation and storage cost savings, and reduction of working capital.

I am a small or medium dairy processor

One portable device can process a raw milk sample in 20 seconds, allowing for 180 deliveries to be checked in real time every hour, and decisions about price, quality, and usage of the supplies. These tests remove the need for composition, Somatic Cell, and adulteration tests in a lab, shorten the time to decisions, and the transportation and storage costs. NeoSpectra devices are most suited to be carried by the haulers for tests before they load the milk to the tank, providing prompt visibility about the conformity of the raw milk to your specific requirements.

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Easily Beating Out Alternatives


ICAR Technical Series no. 24 2019: New traits and adding new value to the recording and ID services in the animal production “Comparison of milk analysis performance between NIR laboratory analyser and miniaturised NIR MEMS sensors”
Riu J, Gorla G, Chakif D, Boqué R, Giussani B. Rapid Analysis of Milk Using Low-Cost Pocket-Size NIR Spectrometers and Multivariate Analysis. Foods. 2020; 9(8):1090.

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Validated By Rigorous Research

Using Award Winning NIR Technology

NeoSpectra spectral sensing milk solutions combine the advantages of MEMS (Micro electro mechanical systems) technology, FTIR (Fourier Transform Infra-Red) spectroscopy and Artificial Intelligence to bring to life a real spectrometer solution that enables many in-field dairy applications with high performance. The performance is instant and cost-effective, while reaching laboratory-based standards. Among the market of miniature NIRSs, NeoSpectra offers the widest measuring spectral range of 1,350 – 2,500nm. With this spectral range and other performance enhancements, NeoSpectra Portable achieves the high level of accuracy the milk and dairy industry needs.

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