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Monitoring Sugar Content in Cereal with NIR Analysis
Breakfast cereals, especially whole grain and high fiber, provide key nutrients and improve nutrition and cognitive function. NeoSpectra spectral sensors are a great potential alternative for the analysis of sugar content in cereal.
NIR Predicting Trans-Fats in Butter and Margarine
Butter and margarine are popular fats, often used as is or for frying. Traditional transfat analysis via gas chromatography is costly and time-consuming. NeoSpectra Scanner offers a quick and effective NIR method to predict trans fats.
NIR Spectroscopy Identifies Polymer Commodities
Polymers are vital in daily life, but their waste harms the environment. Governments enforce recycling laws to protect nature, requiring a percentage of common polymer waste to be recycled, focusing on separation & reuse for sustainable raw material
NeoSpectra for On-Site Milk Analysis
Milk is crucial for dairy products, requiring precise measurement of its components. NeoSpectra's handheld NIR spectrometer provides fast, accurate analysis of fat, lactose, and protein in milk, ensuring quality across the supply chain.
NIR Analysis Enhances Engineered Soybean Quality
Genetically engineered soybean varieties with increased oleic fatty acid offer healthier oil with lower saturated fat, higher oxidative stability, and longer shelf life. NeoSpectra’s handheld NIR device enables quick, accurate on-spot analysis.
NIR Testing for Carbon in Soil
Soil stores more carbon than vegetation and the atmosphere, crucial for soil health. NeoSpectra’s handheld NIR device provides instant, accurate field analysis, improving soil carbon measurement.
NIR Handheld Scanner for Fish Identification & Authentication
Depletion of wild fish stocks hampers market growth, and seafood is often mislabeled during harvesting, processing, or by sellers. A 2013 Oceana study found that up to one-third of fish sold in the US was mislabeled.
Portable NIR Analysis to Monitor Wheat Flour Quality
NeoSpectra's handheld NIR spectrometer offers rapid, accurate wheat flour quality analysis. This study explores its effectiveness in measuring moisture, protein, and gluten, addressing the industry's need for efficient, real-time testing.
NIR Analysis for Identifying Counterfeit in Textiles
A portable and affordable tool for rapid textile identity testing would greatly enhance consumer protection. This application note demonstrates how NeoSpectra's handheld NIR spectrometers can reliably analyze different textile types without damage.

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