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Advancing Academic NIR Research with Portable NIR Technology
Discover how portable NIR technology is revolutionizing research across top universities by providing cost-effective, accurate, and versatile solutions for material analysis. Learn about the challenges it overcomes & the broad applications it offers.
Which Parts of the Cannabis Plant Can Be Measured With Near Infrared Spectroscopy?
Discover how on-site near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy enhances cannabis cultivation by analyzing flowers, leaves, and soil. This method offers real-time data for optimal growth, precise harvest timing, and superior product quality, and profitability.
Cannabinoids and Terpenes: Understanding Your Cannabis Analytics
Unlock the full potential of your cannabis cultivation with on-site testing of cannabinoids and terpenes. This article explores the key compounds, their biosynthesis, and how immediate analysis aids in optimizing cultivation practices.
From Light to Insight: Grasping the Principles of NIR Spectroscopy
Explore the fundamentals of NIR spectroscopy, a non-destructive analytical method. Understand its principles, sampling techniques, and the development of calibration models, enhancing your ability to make informed decisions for various applications.
How to choose the right spectral sensing solution?
Selecting the appropriate spectral sensing solution poses challenges, often involving a delicate balance of trade-offs between various factors. One primary challenge lies in the need to balance the solution's specificity and versatility.
Unlocking the Potential of NIR Spectroscopy
Near-InfraRed (NIR) spectroscopy is a remarkable tool that has improved our understanding of materials, opening new avenues for material analysis
Soil Spectral Library For Precision Fertilization In Indonesia
Learn how low-cost MEMS spectrometers can be successfully used to predict forest humus total C and N content.
Food Chain Approch For Autenticity Screening : Development & Validation
The study asseses the application of handheld NeoSpectra, near Infrared spectroscopy (NIRS), for the determination of oregano authenticity.
Feed Millers Can Maximize Use Of High-Value Raw Materials With NIR- Based Tool
New portable analyzer produces rapid, near lab-grade results in seconds to maximize feed production and reduce input costs and low initial investment and cost of ownership.
Low-Cost Portable NIR Spectrometer For Predicting Soil Orgainc & Carbon
Research on low micro-electromechanical system based near infrared spectrometer for soil organic carbon (OC) and total carbon (TC) estimation from Wiley Online Library.
Instant Dairy Feed Analysis For An Efficient Farm.
Staying viable depends on running efficiently. So, accurately detecting and trending a full range of feed nutrients in-field enables quick adjustments.
Consumer Choice in Brazil : Recognizing Customized Foods Characteristics
This Study explains attributes that should be in a technological device that recognizes food characteristics
Reproducibility: Whole Corn Sample Results from Multiple NeoSpectra Scanners
A short experiment demonstrates the reproducibility of the NeoSpectra Scanner on whole corn samples.
Supply Chain Quality - A Major Concern for Food and Feed Producers
Quality control is a major concern for food and feed producers. A network of accurate portable analyzers can verify supplier quality, reduce production issues, and improve product quality.
Process Control with Accurate and Portable Analyzers
Most inline NIR fails to yield the payback the plant used to justify the purchase. Accurate, reliable portable analyzers allow users to achieve their payback projections by providing a true diagnostic tool as an extension of their inline NIR program.
As food demand doubles, NIR Spectroscopy helps farms improve productivity
Smart-farm technologies deliver real-time data that can be used to optimize farming practices, which paves the way for unprecedented farm productivity.
Health analysis & virus detection: Can spectral sensing provide missing data?
To improve healthcare response and access- we can now test blood or fluid samples from anywhere, upload the results via smartphone, and download findings or look at trends over time.
Frequent testing of feed ingredients for consistent and cost-effective production
Frequent analysis of ingredients is an essential aspect of animal feed production, as it helps ensure the final product's consistent quality and affordability.
How NIR Spectroscopy technology can combat the deadly food-fraud crisis in the COVID-19 era
A complex supply chain and food insecurity due to COVID-19, has made food fraud a critical issue. NeoSpectra sensors and scanners can detect food contamination throughout the food

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