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Monitoring the ripening attributes of Turkish white cheese using miniaturized vibrational spectrometers



Monitoring the ripening process by prevalent analytic methods is laborious, expensive, and time consuming. Our objective was to develop a rapid and simple method based on vibrational spectroscopic techniques to understand the biochemical changes occurring during the ripening process of Turkish white cheese and to generate predictive algorithms for the determination of the content of key cheese quality and ripening indicator compounds. Turkish white cheese samples were produced in a pilot plant scale and ripened for 100 d, and samples were analyzed at 20 d intervals during storage. The collected spectra (Fourier-transform infrared, Raman, and near-infrared) correlated with major composition characteristics (fat, protein, and moisture) and primary products of the ripening process and analyzed by pattern recognition to generate prediction (partial least squares regression) and classification (soft independent analysis of class analogy) models. The soft independent analysis of class analogy models classified cheese samples based on the unique biochemical changes taking place during the ripening process. partial least squares regression models showed good correlation (RPre = 0.87 to 0.98) between the predicted values by vibrational spectroscopy and the reference values, giving low standard errors of prediction (0.01 to 0.57). Portable and handheld vibrational spectroscopy units can be used as a rapid, simple, and in situ technique for monitoring the quality of cheese during aging and provide real-time tools for addressing deviations in manufacturing.

Published in: 
Food & Beverages
Date of Publication: 
October 23, 2021
Hulya Yaman / Didem P. Aykas / Rafael Jiménez-Flores / Luis E. Rodriguez-Saona
Ohio State University / Bolu Abant Izzet Baysal University / dnan Menderes University
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