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NIR spectroscopy of natural medicines supported by novel instrumentation and methods for data analysis and interpretation



Near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy is a powerful tool for qualitative and quantitative phytoanalysis. It is a rapid and high-throughput analytical method, with on-site capability, high chemical specificity, and no/minimal sample preparation. NIR spectroscopy is a powerful non-invasive and low-cost alternative with significant practical advantages compared to the conventional methods of analysis. These advantages are particularly exposed in the field of phytoanalysis. In contrast to synthetic medicines, natural products feature chemical diversity that can vary depending on the medicinal plant cultivation conditions, geographical origin or harvest time. The content of bioactive compounds and their derivatives, and thus, the quality parameters of the natural medicine need to be controlled with respect to a number of conditions. NIR spectroscopy has been proved to be particularly competitive in such difficult scenarios. In recent years, remarkable advances in the field of spectroscopic instrumentation and methods of analysis have appeared. Noteworthy was the appearance and dynamic continuing development of miniaturized, on-site capable NIR spectrometers. This was accompanied by application of new tools increasing the potential and reliability of NIR spectroscopy in phytoanalytical applications. The present review discussed the major principles of this technique and critically assesses its future application potential in phytoanalytical strategies. Major attention is given to the current development trends based on the most recent literature published in the field.

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October 22, 2020
Krzysztof B. Beć / Justyna Grabska/ Christian W. Huck
Leopold Franzens University
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