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Kickstart Your Calibration Model Development

Connect with NeoSpectra devices and streamline the process of collecting raw spectral data for model development.

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Robust Calibration models start with Reliably collected data

Streamlining your calibration model journey, Collect App guides you effortlessly through all the steps from adjusting NeoSpectra device settings to efficient data handling. Benefit from consistent measurements, minimal errors, and streamlined file management, ensuring a focus on precision and efficiency in model development.

Effortless Data Collection

Collect App streamlines data collection with features like sample ID management, guided measurements, and instant spectra display. Effortlessly visualize and verify spectra, ensuring a user-friendly path from settings to precision.

Seamless data management and integration

Collect App liberates you from manual file management. It captures essential metadata, and enables additional data collection like photos and notes. The app effortlessly exports data to the Cloud Portal, saving time and enhancing workflow efficiency.

Automated Cloud Transfer:
Seamless, No User Intervention

Elevate your workflow effortlessly with automated data transfer to the Cloud Portal, ensuring seamless integration. The Cloud Portal serves as your central hub for model development excellence, initiating a seamless journey for collaboration and efficient data management.


Who owns the data?

How does the Collect App assist users in navigating the data collection process efficiently?

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