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Value Added Reseller

Develop and sell end-to-end solutions incorporating NeoSpectra.

Model Developer

Transfer your existing NIR models to NeoSpectra and make them accessible on LabStore


Enhance your customers' capabilities in material analysis by offering access to NeoSpectra.


Advancing Spectroscopy with Strong Partnerships

We cherish our partnerships with like-minded organizations committed to advancing new applications and use cases for spectroscopy. Explore how we can work together through a variety of business models, including:

You are in good company

Partnering with NeoSpectra provides access to world-class spectral sensing solutions and a collaborative ecosystem that drives growth, innovation, and success. You'll be part of our global network of leading partners, where we've built successful relationships to bring innovative solutions to the market.

Our partners come from and serve a wide variety of industries. Here are some real examples of how this works

animal nutrition

animal nutrition

Our leading feed lab partners are delivering new on-site testing solutions to their customers and generating additional revenue by offering their NIR calibration models on LabStore.

MEDICAL Cannabis

Our pioneering partners offer turn-key solutions for on-site cannabis testing, while our global network of distributors extends our reach to cannabis breeders, growers, and dispensaries worldwide.

MEDICAL Cannabis


Our globally renowned partners leverage decades of NIR calibration model development to tailor solutions for various food organizations across the global food supply chain.



Leveraging synergies with our renowned partners, we continuously bring advanced solutions to agriculture, pharmaceuticals, food, textiles, and other industries, enhancing quality and efficiency for all



Which Partnership Program is Right for You?

We offer different types of partnerships to suit various business models and objectives.

Value added Reseller

Develop and sell end-to-end solutions incorporating NeoSpectra to your customers, providing them with accurate and real-time material analysis capabilities.

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Model developer

Transfer your existing NIR models to NeoSpectra devices, and make them accessible to a wide range of customers on LabStore - the largest online marketplace of NIR models.

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Become part of our global network of distributors. Gain access to a cutting-edge spectral sensing solution that you can offer to your customers, enhancing their capabilities in material analysis and opening new avenues for growth and success.

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