Provide feed analysis services inside and outside your lab

Accurate, high throughout, Near Infrared spectrometers, intuitive calibration lifecycle management, and reporting & analytics software that cost 90% less to own and operate.


Increase your customer satisfaction, and your bottomline

Our cutting-edge technology is designed to help feed laboratories improve their service offerings and maximize their profitability. With 10x lower than your typical NIR instrumentation and operating costs, and the same professional-caliber accuracy, your lab can provide more efficient services to your customers with world class quality.

90% savings on CapEx and operating costs

Our devices help you increase the capacity of your lab to ramp up your throughput at peak seasons, remotely manage your affiliate labs, and empower your customers to handle more frequent analysis on their own to increase their satisfaction and reduce your OpEx

Network all your NIR instruments

Our user-friendly cloud portal allows you to build a network of any NIR instruments including those from FOSS or Bruker, transfer your existing NIR models to NeoSpectra in under 8 weeks, and remotely manage updates and upgrades across all devices.

Instant analysis and reporting

Our common-sense approach offers a step-by-step guide that ensures your lab operators can follow the optimal procedures with minimal training. This removes unnecessary complexity and allows you to  focus on providing accurate results to your customers.

Everything you need to upgrade your feed analysis services:

NeoSpectra Scanner: Portable NIR spectrometer with an extended spectral range (1,350 - 2,500 nm) for analyzing a wide variety of parameters

Sampling tools: Accurately analyze as-is or dry and ground ingredients, non-homogeneous solids like forages, powders, and liquids

Easy to use apps: Step-by-step measurement instructions with instant results

Modeling Suite: All the Software you need to build or transfer you calibrations

Cloud portal: 24/7 access to all data, including: spectral data, results, models, devices, and users — with advanced analytics to generate custom reports and manage different aspects of your feed analysis operations

Analyze moisture, protein, fat, fiber, NDF, starch and more with a single scan for a wide variety of feed ingredients

Forages, hay, and haylages

Alfalfa, alfalfa hay & haylage, grass hay, mixed hay


Corn, wheat, barley, soybeans, oats, rye, sorghum, and more

Oil seeds

Sunflower seeds, canola seeds, cotton seeds, sesame seeds, rapeseed, and more


Soybean meal, cottonseed meal, distillers dried grains (DDGs), canola meal, sunflower meal, meat and bone meal, and more

Pelleted feed

Ruminant, poultry, aqua, swine, equine feed and more


Corn silage, alfalfa silage, grass silage, sorghum silage, and more

Streamline your lab operations with NeoSpectra

  • Increase throughput & reduce costs: Multiply the number of NIR spectrometers in your lab at a fraction of the cost
  • Analyze from 10 to 10,000 samples per day: Profitably handle seasonal load spikes with instrument arrays
  • Digitize your data recording and management: Eliminate paperwork, capture all sample information, then easily generate reports, and integrate with your LIMS for a seamless workflow
  • Integrate any NIR device: See the data from all existing lab instruments and manage their calibrations in one location
  • Get free maintenance that’s actually free: Our comprehensive warranty covers the first 2 years of maintenance operations with a low-cost option to extend, thus guaranteeing the longevity of your NeoSpectra Scanner

A centralized network between your lab and affiliate labs

  • Standardize analysis and quality control processes: Maintain the consistency of your operator processes across different affiliate labs and improve coordination with centralized dashboards
  • Centralize management of model updates and upgrades: Easily ensure all affiliate labs have access to your most up-to-date models
  • Scale your business: NeoSpectra's platform can easily scale up and down to accommodate the evolving needs of your lab and affiliate labs
  • Protect your data: Ensures secure data transfer and storage to protect your customer and lab data
  • Get 24/7 access to all results: Review the results generated by your affiliate labs anytime, anywhere

Create new revenue streams with new services to your customers

  • Expand your revenue lines: Transfer your lab's existing models to NeoSpectra devices and offer them to your customers for on-demand analysis
  • Customize models: Develop and customize models that are tailored to your customers’ needs
  • Strengthen relationships with your customers: By offering a self-analysis solution, your customers can make data-driven decisions and get accurate results faster to help improve their operations
  • Add more labs in unserved markets: Expand your network by adding additional labs to serve new customers and create new revenue streams

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