Portable Analyzers for True Process Control

The NeoSpectra Platform provides accurate monitoring of in-line production processes with reliable portable analyzers and a central cloud portal.

The Ultimate in flexible and cost-effective monitoring of production processes.

The NeoSpectra platform is much more affordable than either process or laboratory instruments.

Portable NeoSpectra Scanners can analyze any point in the production line for complete evaluation and diagnosis.

NeoSpectra Scanners are easy to implement and training takes minutes.

The NeoSpectra platform can be used to monitor and adjust in-line process installations.

Portable scanners give instant feedback on unit operations that react slowly to changes in the process.

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Application Overview

A major challenge for plant personnel is producing consistent and high-quality end-products from highly variable raw materials and in varying processing conditions. In these scenarios, the plant manager must have rapid access to reliable data to monitor and adjust the process to maintain consistent quality.

When looking to improve on-line process monitoring beyond intermittent sampling to a laboratory, plant managers and engineers often try in-line process installations to improve visibility to their production. 

Most on-line process installations fail to yield the ROI the plants used to justify the expense as they are expensive, monitor a single fixed location in production, and require frequent validation and biasing.

Comprehensive Insight into the Complete Process

Many manufacturers are switching to portable analyzers as a bridge between the laboratory and the process line.

The next generation of affordable and easy-to use portable analyzers provide accurate results at every stage from incoming ingredients, through multiple intermediate steps and pathways, to the final validation of the finished product.

They can also be used across production lines to troubleshoot specific input streams before they are merged into the final product.

Unequaled Flexibility and Affordability

Accurate and reliable portable analyzers analyzers provide unequaled flexibility to monitor production processes.

Low cost of ownership and ease of operation means rapid implementation and quick ROI for manufacturing and processing plants.

All results are automatically collected in the NeoSpectra cloud portal for instant sharing and evaluation by plant and production managers.

NeoSpectra Solutions

The NeoSpectra Platform provides an affordable and comprehensive solution for process control. The portable scanners can be used at any step and any line in the factory, providing both detailed insight into production trends and granular data when troubleshooting production issues.

Operator training for the NeoSpectra scanners takes a matter of minutes, and all data are collected into the cloud portal in real-time simplifying plant communications and minimizing response time.

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