Oilseed quality analysis

Measure important oilseed parameters in real-time

Extract maximum value from each step in the value chain

Monitor oil content of incoming oilseed

Measure nutritional content of hulls and by-products

Monitor residual oil meals to optimize extraction

Measure protein and moisture in meals to meet specifications and save energy costs in dryers

valuable benefits

Application Overview

Oilseed production is a global industry providing edible oils as well as animal feed ingredients, food ingredients, and industrial products. Profitable production and processing require the efficient use of all parts of an oilseed crop.

NIR offers a rapid and non-destructive method for measuring protein, moisture, and oil levels in the oilseed. Our NeoSpectra analyzers can be utilized on-site at the most critical quality stages along the oilseed production process to enhance yield and quality. In-process samples and by-products can be monitored to optimize the value received from the feedstock.

NeoSpectra Solutions

The NeoSpectra scanner is a rugged, portable NIR analyzer ready to analyze oil seeds, meals, and by-products. Whole seeds and meals can be analyzed reliably directly with a NeoSpectra Scanner or Scanner rotator with no grinding required.

NeoSpectra customers can select from hundreds of ready-to-use calibrations for oilseeds, meals, and by-products in the NeoSpectra LabStore. Calibrations for proprietary by-products are easily made with our developer tools and expert calibration assistance.

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