Monitor your soil’s health from the field

Instant, geo-located analysis of soil health parameters including organic matter, carbon, pH and more.

Accurate and rapid soil analysis

Sustain and maintain soil health with steady nutrients and organism levels

Save money on fertilizer and soil supplements

Minimize harmful runoff and enviromental damage or fines

Improve yields

Co-ops or consultants can provide actionable advice to farmers to improve their soil and farming sustainability

valuable benefits

Application Overview

Fertile topsoil is a limited natural resource. Sustainable soil management improves yields, minimizes erosion and topsoil loss, lowers fertilizer costs, and reduces harmful runoff into valuable watersheds.

NeoSpectra devices can measure key parameters that indicate soil's health and fertility, including organic matter, carbon, nitrogen, phosphorous, and pH. Our technology allows you to monitor and manage soil health at the source - in the field. This on-site functionality allows you to make better decisions relating to crop rotation, fertilizer and soil amendments, and tilling and crop residue management.

NeoSpectra Solutions

The NeoSpectra Scanner is a rugged, portable NIR analyzer ideally suited for measuring soil health in the field.

The NeoSpectra Scanner can be placed directly on the soil samples for direct measurement with no sample preparation. Several scans can be averaged together to provide a reliable result for that soil sample. Samples are precisely geo-located based on the mobile device and this information is stored with the sample record.

NeoSpectra customers can create custom calibrations for their unique soils and geographies.

NeoSpectra Products

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