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Enhancing Feed Testing with NeoSpectra and Cumberland Valley Analytical Services

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Client Overview:

Company Name: Cumberland Valley Analytical Services (CVAS)
Industry: Agricultural Testing
Location: USA


Ralph Ward, CEO of Cumberland Valley Analytical Services, discusses the impact of NeoSpectra on feed and forage testing in the dairy industry. NeoSpectra offers a compact, rugged, and user-friendly handheld solution, revolutionizing real-time data collection and analysis for CVAS.


Traditionally, the workflow involved:
  • Collecting samples
  • Sending samples to a distant lab
  • Waiting for results, which were often historical by the time they were received


NeoSpectra provides rapid, on-site analysis, enabling real-time management decisions. CVAS uses NeoSpectra to test a wide range of feed and forage parameters, offering immediate insights to producers, nutritionists, and quality control sectors.


NeoSpectra's handheld NIR scanner delivers precise spectral data, supported by robust software systems. CVAS leverages NeoSpectra for:

  • Managing moisture and nutrients in dairy feed
  • Analyzing various feed ingredients at feed mills
  • Making immediate decisions based on real-time data


  1. Rapid Decision-Making: NeoSpectra enables CVAS to incorporate test results into management systems quickly, enhancing decision-making processes.
  2. Robust Performance: The rugged hardware withstands varied conditions, while the advanced software ensures precise data management and usability.
  3. User-Friendly Experience: The integrated lab store simplifies access to models and data, providing a seamless user experience with minimal learning curve.
Client Testimonial:
"NeoSpectra has advanced both the hardware and software significantly, providing a clean and efficient solution for field use. The compact, rugged design and user-friendly lab store make it an ideal choice for real-time feed analysis."


NeoSpectra and CVAS are setting new standards in feed and forage testing, offering real-time, accurate, and cost-effective solutions. This collaboration empowers the dairy industry with advanced tools for immediate and informed decision-making.

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